What To Consider When Evaluating Air Freight Services For Your Cargo


Thanks to advancements in air transport and global inter-connectivity, businesses have to contend with operations spread across borders. Whether you're exporting, importing or transporting your cargo intestate, air transport can help you get your supplies where they need to be. If you're considering using air freight, go over these four factors to better understand how air freight works and whether it's right for you.

How soon do you need your cargo to arrive?

Generally, air freight services get your cargo where it needs to be faster that most alternatives. However, there is still a variation as to how quickly your cargo will arrive at its destination. If your cargo needs to be delivered immediately without any delays, you can choose a 'next flight out' (NFO) service or ask for urgent cargo services. On the other hand, if you do not need your cargo delivered right away, you can opt for other packages. These create a delay of about 2-7 days before your cargo is shipped out.

What's your budget?

Generally, air freight costs more that intermodal alternatives due to the time-savings and the fact that air transport is expensive. However, there are options that can lower your costs. Economy and standard packages are generally the cheapest while premium, overnight and urgent shipments cost more. This means even if you're on a tight budget, you can still manage to foot the bills on air freight services by choosing a package that suits your needs. However, note that cheaper packages tend to increase transport time as well. If cost is not an issue, you can also consider air charters where your cargo gets transported exclusively, offering your cargo privacy and added security.

Do you want a door-to-door service?

With air transport, your cargo reaches its destination at the airport. This often requires that you incorporate other freight solutions if you want your cargo to be forwarded to your business or specific locations. If you opt for a door-to-door service, the air freight service will use road, sea or air transport to bridge this gap and arrange to have your cargo delivered wherever you want. However, if you have other arrangements, you can have your cargo forwarded from the airport via your own means.

Is air freight appropriate for your cargo?

Lastly, you'll have to understand that air freight services are not appropriate for every kind of cargo. For example, cargo that contains hazardous or dangerous materials may be invalid due to insurance disqualifications. Size may also be an issue if your cargo is quite bulky and cannot be accommodated safely onboard a plane. It's therefore important that you check on this before making any solid arrangements for your shipment.

And with that, you can now approach an air freight service provider like Professional Freight Services Pty Ltd knowing exactly how to move your cargo and what to do in order to cut costs or reduce delays.


30 April 2015

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