Things to Keep in Mind When Making a Choice of Freight Forwarders


Making a choice of international freight forwarders for your cargo is just as important a decision as picking out an accountant, a vendor for your products, a supplier and more. These professionals are supposed to collaborate with you to ensure that your business will flourish. As such, you should never make this choice simply by selecting the first recommendation that you get. To ensure that your cargo is in safe hands, you need to consider various aspects, such as efficiency, time consciousness, cost effectiveness and more of the different freight forwarders that you will come across. If this is the first time you are selecting freight forwarding services, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

Enquire about whether the freight forwarding company has local connections.

Since you will be exporting your cargo internationally, you need to be assured that the local handling of your products will not be subpar. One of the first questions you should ask freight forwarders is about their local networks on the ground. This is important because some freight forwarders may have the ability to get your goods to a foreign country, but once your cargo arrives, they do not follow up on the handling and instead this is left to individuals you had not consulted with. Always select freight forwarders that have extensive local connections in various countries, as this will make it more convenient for you to ship internationally.

Enquire about whether the freight forwarding company offers extra services.

If you are only dealing with port-to-port cargo, then you may not need additional services from your freight forwarding company. However, if you are delivering goods to different cities once your cargo docks or have guaranteed your customers delivery at their doorstep, then you most likely will need additional services from your freight forwarder. Enquire about whether the freight forwarding company also deals with land and air transportation or if they exclusively ship the cargo they handle over water. Additional modes of transportation make it more convenient for you, as you would not have to look for another provider to ensure that the cargo gets to the end user in time. Other types of cargo services that you can enquire about include these:

  • Warehousing: Storing your goods until they need to be delivered
  • Shipment tracking: Ensuring you always know exactly where your cargo is
  • Cargo insurance: Ensuring that you will be reimbursed in case of any unfortunate eventualities


16 December 2015

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